Færslur júlímánaðar 2013

Erindi flutt við doktorsvörn 28. júní 2013

Mánudagur, 1. júlí 2013

Þann 28. júní varði ég doktorsritgerð við Menntavísindasvið Háskóla Íslands. Við það tækifæri flutti ég eftirfarandi ávarp. Þar sem „…“ er innan hornklofa bætti ég við nokkrum orðum sem ekki voru skrifuð fyrirfram og ég man ekki nákvæmlega hver voru.

1. My work and how it began
President of the School of education professor Jón Torfi Jónasson, external examiner professor Jan van den Akker, external examiner professor Guðmundur Heiðar Frímannsson, dear guests!


I am a principal of a comprehensive secondary school since summer 2011. Before that I was the vice-principal of the same school for ten years and before that a teacher for fifteen years.

One of my responsibilities as vice-principal from 2001 until 2011 was to edit the school curriculum guide, and update it to implement demands made by the ministry of education.

During these years, I sometimes found the requirements made by the ministry not only hard to work towards in any honest way but also hard to understand. I had, for instance, problems with the general and over-arching aims listed in the general section of the National Curriculum Guide for secondary schools from 1999. I also had problems with subject-specific aims, not really understanding what role they were supposed to play.

In May 2011, the Ministry of Education issued a new National Curriculum Guide for secondary schools. According to this publication, secondary schools are required to organise each course or module for the attainment of specific types of aims, namely the knowledge, skills, and competences that students are supposed to acquire.

When I heard about these requirements in the spring of 2009, more than two years before their actual publication in 2011, my first thought was that they were not realistic.

The work on my PhD dissertation began when I started trying to explain why important parts of school education could not be organized to achieve aims of these three types. My dissertation is thus reactions of a perplexed school-head to the demands made by the national curriculum guide for secondary schools published in spring 2011. (more…)